(And Worked on Her Homepage)

"It's time for a few small repairs"
~Shawn Colvin~

             May 9, 2000

             Updated links here and there.

             November 1, 1999

             Made important changes to the Friends Links page. Excellent new sites 
             added and old site-descriptions improved :)

             September 30, 1999

             Replaced some music links with better ones. I _will_ make more audio files 
             someday. Been busy with other web-projects, and just busy being in love :)

             July 9, 1999

             Updated some links. 

             May 27, 1999

             New on the links page, a wonderful site I recently discovered called 
             Imagine Radio. It allows you to customize your own online radio station, 
             playing the artists _you_ want to hear! (Nobody's paying me to endorse it ;) 
             I just tend to sound like a commercial when I'm enthused about something.)

             I couldn't resist. I set up a SunSinger station courtesy of Imagine Radio! 
             It's programmed to play the female artists featured on A Site For Sore Ears 
             as well as other singers I enjoy and plan to pay tribute to in the future. 

             To listen while you surf ASFSE (or surf the web in general), just click 
             on the animated radio icon you'll find at the bottom of most pages on this 
             site. Have fun discovering new music and listening to old favorites! :D

             March 16, 1999

             Encoded and uploaded some Edie Brickell real audio files. I'll try to write
             out descriptions/comments on them today. That's actually the hardest part 
             for me. Writing those mini-reviews. Tough to express in words why I like the 
             song, and after awhile you run out of different ways to say essentially the 
             same thing..."Is good! I like. Listen. You like too." :P

             Oh, by the way, A Site For Sore Ears celebrated it's one year anniversary
             8 days ago. Yeehaw!

             March 2, 1999

             New midis, and many music links. Replaced all the existing real audio songs 
             and added some new ones to the Abra Moore, Cyndi Lauper and Paula Cole pages.  
             Started the Shawn Colvin page. Song samples to come soon! 

             February 25, 1999

             Almost finished the renovation! Yes I've been working hard redesigning.
             Y'see this is one of the first sites I made and I've learned a few things
             since then, so I decided it was time for a change. It's not too drastic and 
             maybe nobody'll notice a difference 'cause it's subtle and since I'm using 
             the same colour scheme.  Oh well :) 
             I've changed the layout a bit, created new graphics, enhanced old graphics, 
             prettied up the tables, eliminated dead links, added many new ones, and 
             reorganized in general. I'm also in the process of redoing the real audio 
             files, as well as making brand new ones. This'll take awhile 'cause I'm a 
             perfectionist. I aim to make the sound clips smaller (but not shorter), yet 
             good quality at the same time. I've also revised and in some cases rewritten
             the mini-reviews/comments to go along with the audio files.
             Well if anyone's reading this, lemme know if you think the joint looks better
             now. And keep checking back for new songs!

             November 26, 1998

             Updated the Friends Links page. Changed some descriptions and added banners,
             including one to a friend's recently redesigned Deborah Gibson Mini-Shrine. 
             Check it out for some rare songs and very well-written album reviews!

             November 1, 1998

             Fiddled around with the webrings page. Added new Women's House of Music 
             graphics but kept the old around til I'm added to the new version. IF they 
             add me, I should say. I'm a bit worried about the "need constant updates
             to your site" criteria. ;)

             October 26, 1998

             My goodness, I really didn't mean to let a month go by again! LOL! I can't 
             believe how the days and weeks are zooming by lately. It's Twilight-Zone-y! 
             Anyway today I added more banners to my Sun's Pals page. (Hey isn't that 
             what I did last month?! ;) So check out my pals' pages, puhleeze.
             Okay I SWEAR I'll get some Shawn Colvin real audios and reviews up next
             time. If anyone's still with me? Anyone care out there? hehe

             September 30, 1998

             Another month, another update. haha. Anyhoo I do have other sites to work
             on and school-stuff soon as well, so expect one or two updates here each 
             month. Doubt I'll be able to do more than that. 
             So what have I done for you lately? ;) Well I just fiddled around with my
             Sun's Pals page (links to my friends). Please visit cause most of them are 
             music-related anyway. What did I change? Some of the comments there were 
             outdated and I had some new friends to add (yaaay!) I rearranged the whole 
             thing alphabetically to prevent cat-calls of favoritism and cat-fighting 
             amongst my amigos (hehe just kidding). Also added new banners there, and 
             linked to my own personal homepage Crispy Corner. Yes I am my friend. :P

             August 26, 1998

             Well Crosswinds messed me up again. Thanks to Fudge for letting me know my
             real audio files weren't working. Once again the server where I stored my 
             large audio files, deleted everything. So I've given up on Crosswinds (and 
             I'm not linking to it when I mention it because believe me, you don't want 
             to go there) and uploaded the audio files to a friends account. 

             So NEWSFLASH the sounds are working once more! The HTML's been changed 
             to reflect the new address of the files, so everything should work. If 
             something doesn't I'd really appreciate an email (or guestbook entry) 
             telling me so!

             Okay I know there havent been many updates recently and I apologise. 
             What with my family-feuding and monitor-mayhem...I've been kind of 
             distracted. Also I've been making friends (hey I'm allowed to have a 
             life and run a website too! :) and, don't feel betrayed, but, working 
             on new websites (gasp).  So bear with me, and one of these days when 
             I'm in the recording/encoding mood I'll put some Shawn Colvin
             song samples up, as promised. :)  And other singers in the future of 
             course. Cause I do expect to discover and fall in love with more music. 
             It's just not something I can plan to do in regular intervals ya know? ;)  
             So forgive the irregular updates to this site, and don't give up on it 
             please! Come baaaack! Please?

             Oh by the way...reason the Tori Amos page is still audio-less after all
             this time is, my dear friend Becky's been borrowing my Tori cds for...oh
             I'd guess...MONTHS...hehe..I wouldnt mind this if she was only _listening_ 
             to the darn things but she hasnt gotten around to it yet. GRRRR.
             And no Judy Garland songs yet cause frankly I don't feel as motivated to
             make them anymore now that somebody else has made real audios for his Judy
             site (after visiting THIS website and seeing my plans, I might add, if I 
             was feeling bitter, which I'm not ;)  So now that it's already out there 
             (wasnt before this to the best of my knowledge) I've lost that "Gee I'm 
             gonna do something new and creative now! What fun!" energy. Thus the delay.

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