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SUN SPOTS    ~ A Site Guide
INTRO A bit about me, and my reasons for making this website.
SONGS Main feature of the site.  Tribute pages to favorite female singers.  Each page contains real audio files I made of songs, brief reviews, altered photos, and links to other sites where you can learn more about the artists, and buy their music.
LYRICS Songs revolving around the sun.  Lyrics that have a "sunshine" theme.  Yes it's gimmicky, but fun.
MIDIS A collection of various favorites, from Broadway musicals to rock and alternative songs.
LINKS Many links to general music-related sites on the Net.*  And from here you can reach a page of friends' links.
* Links to fan sites for specific singers are located in Songs.
RADIO Clicking on the radio icon at the bottom of the page opens up a customized online station you can listen to while you surf. Hear the artists ASFSE pays tribute to, as well as future site additions.
UPDATES Find out what's new and in the works. Also, past updates, chronicling the history of this site. Aren't I puffed up with self-importance?
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