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          Criteria For Joining This Webring
 Welcome. This webring is a place for sites that celebrate the art of 
 spinning songs. Pages within this ring may be tributes to favorite 
 musicians, singers and songwriters or contain your own songs, or both. 

 I'm looking for originality in content and/or design. If you're just
 linking to other people's work, this isn't the place for you. I care
 more about the quality of the sites in my ring, than accumulating a 
 great quantity. The goal is to gather together some of the best music
 related sites on the Internet. If you've put alot of work and most 
 importantly, love, into your page, you belong here.  More Guidelines

Submit your site for consideration.    Edit your info if already a member.

        After you submit your website you'll be given instructions, 
        and the HTML code to put on your homepage. Here is what the 
        webring will look like on your page:

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  You will need to save the above graphics to your own directory and 
  change the IMG SRC section of the webring code you'll receive. This 
  will make the images load up faster on your page. Don't link to the 
  images here - It will not work due to Tripod's policy about linking!
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