Welcome! My goal is to share some of my favorite songs with whoever stumbles my way. And since I have eclectic tastes in music, chances are you'll find something of interest to you.
Another goal is to make this site somewhat original. I altered photos and created the graphics (titles, icons, etc) with Paint Shop Pro. And of course, I encoded the audio files.
Don't link to my files from your site. It slows things down for people trying to download them from here. And it's not nice. I worked hard and prefer people visit *my* site to hear *my* files. If you want the songs for your page, upload them to your server. Pretend you made them, or give me credit. Just don't link to mine here. Thanks :)
I was born in a log cabin made of earth and wood, sister to a boy named Johnny B. Goode. I taught him everything he knows about guitar, but does he give me *any* credit? Nooo!
Ahem, ok I'll be serious. I was born in a huge rainstorm. And suddenly it struck me (like lightning) - is this why, when confronted with countless choices of beverages I inevitably select a glass of water every time? "No thanks I'll just have a cup of water" is one of my famous sayings. (So it's a boring saying. I'm still famous for it!)
You're wondering, why the name, SunSinger, huh? Well the rain stopped right after I was born. Apparently I made the sun come out with my singing (ie: high-pitched squalling. Too bad my voice didn't stay soprano) And thus SunSinger was born. No I'm not conceited. I don't think the earth revolves around me or anything. Just the sun. ;)
Another crucial key to my fascinating and complex personality: I love entertainment! Music, movies, books. These aren't just hobbies or interests. I literally could not imagine life without them. Music in particular is as necessary to me as air.
Which is why I'm using this place to showcase favorites I've recorded from my cd collection. Samples for the most part, to tantalize you. However I include some entire songs if they're especially rare or fairly short. Hopefully the law won't come down on me too hard. I *am* doing this in part to win over new fans & thus create more business for those involved.
For faster downloads, I've encoded the songs as Real Audio files, with a nifty gadget called Real Encoder. That means you'll need the RealPlayer, to be able to hear them.
Gee I have alot of nerve rambling on and on like this. What a self-indulgent intro!

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