BSides & Rarities

Upside Down:
Song For Eric:
Summertime: extremely rare
Black Swan:
Strange Fruit:
Ode to the Banana King: Plugged W/ Band - 10/31/98
Spark: Shady Feline Remix
Bachelorette: Incredible Bee Side From Spark Single
Flying Dutchman: 5/6/96 - Canada
Sister Janet: Bside - Live '98 W/ Band
Cooling: Sessions At West 54
Take to the Sky: Sessions At West 54

from the choirgirl hotel Era

Black Dove: "Jools Holland" TV Show
Raspberry Swirl: Pinkpop Festival
Spark: Launch CD
Jackie's Strength: David Letterman - 7/28/98
iieee: Sessions at West 54
She's Your Cocaine: Plugged - Vanderbilt 10/21/98
Pandora's Aquarium: Indiana University 10/31/98
Northern Lad: Club Tour - 4/30/98
Playboy Mommy: Plugged solo - 9/98
Hotel: Plugged - Vanderbilt 10/21/98

Boys For Pele Era

Horses: Mtv's 120 Minutes
Doughnut Song: Mtv's 120 Minutes
Father Lucifer: Plugged w/ Band - 10/7/98
Doughnut Song 98: Plugged w/ Band
Horses 98: Plugged w/ Band
Agent Orange: Plugged w/ Band - 10/28/98
Talula: Tornado Mix live w/ band - 98
Mr. Zebra: very cute
Hey Jupiter: Saturday Night Live - 96
In The Springtime of His Voodoo: Mtv Unplugged
Blood Roses: Mtv Unplugged
Caught a Lite Sneeze: Mtv Unplugged
Caught a Lite Sneeze: Sessions at West 54
Muhammad My Friend: RAINN '97 w/ Maynard from Tool

Under The Pink Era

Icicle: Plugged solo - 98
Cornflake Girl: Plugged w/ Band - 98
God: Plugged w/ Band - 98
Yes Anastasia: Tori Stories Bootleg
Past the Mission: Sessions at West 54
Space Dog: Plugged W/ Band - Berlin '98
Bells for Her: nice sounding - 3/26/96
The Waitress: Club Tour - 4/30/98
Pretty Good Year: Plugged w/ Band - 98 (France)

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