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(And Worked on Her Homepage)

"It's time for a few small repairs"
~Shawn Colvin~

       JULY 26, 1998 

        Added bee-u-tiful banners to my Links page, for the following:
        The Sarah McLachlan Webzine, Fumblers.Com and Like The Winter
        - A Paula Cole Page.

       JULY 24, 1998 (11:pm)

        Finished re-uploading audio files to Crosswinds. While I was 
        at it I uploaded some real audios I've made of Abra Moore and 
        created a page for her. Been meaning to get around to that for quite 
        some time. So go check out the photo-border I made and sample her 
        songs and read the little reviews I wrote. Also got links to other
        Abra sites on the Net and a link to where you can purchase her cds.

        Next singer I'll be creating a page for is Shawn Colvin. Yes 
        the lady who's "Sunny Came Home" song I've quoted at the top of this 
        updates page. Bought her album for the sake of that song and I can't 
        stop listening to it. :)        

       JULY 24, 1998

        ACK! Crosswinds, where I stored all my real audio files, did a
        rehaul, which apparently included deleting everything previously
        uploaded there!!! ACK!!! And the message from the friendly folks 
        at Crosswinds is: don't write to us about missing files in your 
        accounts. So I guess I'm not the only one who had their stuff 
        thrown out in a frenzy of Summer Cleaning. Small comfort that!
        Anyway I'm sorry if any of you have tried downloading real audios
        on this site lately. I'm working as fast as I can to rebuild and
        re-upload things over there. Sigh.

       JULY 10, 1998

        Hey folks a long time ago i created some images and donated 
        them to the Women's House of Music Webring, if they wanted to
        use them and now out of the blue the guy in charge wrote back
        to me apologising for the delay and saying he'd use them (that
        webring has many ring graphics for people to choose from) and
        if you want to see them go visit my Webrings page.
        I forgot I even sent them to him...What a nice surprise :)

       JUNE 25, 1998

        Thanks to Xung Phung for giving this site two awards! An award 
        of Elegance and The Golden Flower! Check out my Awards page. Also 
        visit his site here for some great design!

       JUNE 24, 1998

        Joined the RingMaster's Webring.

       JUNE 11, 1998

        Wow I won another award! For Tiger Burning Bright: A Paula Cole Site,
        this time. It's a Best of the Web 98 Bronze Award and I'm thrilled!
        Thanks Eric!

       JUNE 10, 1998

        Submitted site to a Juliana Hatfield webring. Fiddled around with 
        the ring code to make it look better on my page. All the words/
        links were squashed together in a tiny space between the graphics. 
        Ack. Oh well another lesson in HTML for me :D 

        Added Sienna to my Pals Links page. Check out her bee-u-tiful
        sites, The Stars Walk Backwards and Pandora's Aquarium.

       JUNE 6, 1998

        Added a new link on the Tori Amos page. To a stunning site called 
        The Choirgirl Hotel. I love the design...go see!  And yes I WILL
        eventually put some real audio files up there...just as soon as 
        I get my Tori cds back, which I need to encode the files from. I
        lent em to someone. Hang in there...she'll be converted to Tori-ism 
        soon and then ... Eeegad! I'll _never_ get my cds back!! ;)

       MAY 30, 1998

        Added copyright thingys all over the place. And joined a wonderful
        webring/organization I just discovered called Web Guard. Go there!
        Please. They stand for protecting the rights of those who create
        websites. Protecting eachother and showing people how to protect
        themselves from Bandwidth Bandits, people who steal things
        from other's websites, or link directly to their files, without 
        giving credit or asking permission. I've had some problems with 
        this before...people linking to my work and making it look like 
        their own, so I know the feeling first hand. And I'm proud to be
        a part of Web Guard! Check out their site for lots of useful 
        copyright info and tips on how to secure your original work, as 
        YOURS whether it be graphics, writing, midis, etc. PLEASE GO!
        Support them (and help yourself) by joining their webring. Or just 
        put one of their nifty badges on your site. OR just go soak up the
        good advice. I wish i'd found this site before, cause it counsels 
        you on how best to deal with people you discover are ripping you off. 

       MAY 29, 1998

        I'm going through the site adding width and height tags for the 
        images since I've learned this helps them load up faster. :) So 
        far I've done that for the huge gold borders throughout the site
        since they take the longest to load up. 

        Added links to the Musical Links page. Joined the Musicology Pod 
        here at Tripod. (It's about time huh? :) And I added a graphic 
        proclaiming that I belong, to the Links page and the Awards page.

       MAY 26, 1998

        I made a new banner, cause CDNow will put your banner on every page 
        you link to from your site. Of course only the people who visit
        those pages from your site will see it but oh well. Anyway it's 
        larger and has photos of some of the singers featured here, to give 
        folks a better idea of what to expect. of course if they're coming 
        FROM my site, which is the only way they'll see the banner, they 
        already know what to expect huh? lol

        Well in any case I made the dang thing. I suppose I'll be able to 
        use it for something else too. If nothing else, I've added it to my 
        Link To Me page in case anyone wants to use it to link to my site.
        (that hint was about as subtle as a sledgehammer wasnt it? ;)

       MAY 21, 1998

        I just found out that I won another award!!!!! I cant believe this. 
        It's called the Critical Mass Award. Visit the guy (Bill Darling) who 
        gave it to me. His site Linkaway2 is a groovy Internet information
        resource guide full of wonderful links on a variety of topics. And he 
        linked to my site on his list of award winners! {dance of joy}

        There! I've finished linking to CDNow. I've linked to singer's general
        pages, and specific albums and singles. There are links sprinkled all
        over the place. Whew! :D So if you'd like to buy any albums, singles, 
        imports, videos, or clothing, or just check out the discussion boards 
        and links over there, visit the pages I created for my favorite singers. 
        They're listed here.

        oh while I was at it, going through all those pages, I touched up other 
        things as well, added non-CDnow-related links, etc.

       MAY 20, 1998

        I've joined CDNow's Cosmic Credit Program. So I'll be linking to 
        various parts of their site, from mine. What this means is that 
        when you visit my Sarah McLachlan section, for instance, you'll 
        be able to go to the Sarah McLachlan page at CDNow, and check out
        all the merchandise over there (as well as sound clips and links)
        I thought it would be neat to provide visitors to my site with 
        easy, convenient access to to albums, etc, they might wish to buy.

        So far I have a CDNow search engine on my Song Search page.
        Soon I'll link to specific sections of their site, from relevant
        sections of mine. :)

        Linked to other parts of CDNow from my Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos,
        Juliana Hatfield and Suzanne Vega sections. More coming soon!

       MAY 19, 1998

        I won an award!!!!! The Innovation Award from Personal Connections! 
        I'm so excited! I've created an Awards page to display it and added a
        link to it on the bottom menu I have on most of the pages on this site.

       MAY 15, 1998

        Added links to causes I support, on the Webrings page and Sun's Pals 
        page. One of them is Free Speech Online, which is self-explanatory, 
        and the other is called Fellowship of the Earth, which advocates
        religious tolerance. Both of which I strongly support.

        Created a page called Tiger Burning Bright: A Paula Cole Site. 
        It's meant to be an artistic sort of tribute. 
        Fiddled around with more things than I can list here. 

       MAY 11, 1998

        Changed some of the icons on the Song Spinner's Webring page.
        Also added some new rules to the Criteria section of it. Thanks 
        everyone who's joined so far. This is really exciting! :D

        Made a slightly different title graphic for the very first page.
        I figured the name: SunSinger's Site For Sore Ears was just a tad now I'll just refer to it as: A Site For Sore Ears. The
        new title graphic reflects this :)

       MAY 9, 1998

        Thought I'd improve the title graphics throughout this site. 
        Now the titles glow :)

        Added a new menu to the bottom of the main pages here, with links
        leading to this updates page (I already have links but not the 
        obvious kind and I fear people arent finding them), and to the
        webrings I belong to (ditto) as well as the music webring I'm 
        starting. It's called The Song Spinner's Webring and if you want 
        more information about it, check out the page I made.

       MAY 8, 1998

        I'm taking all the altered pix of my favorite singers and making 
        borders with em. Since I use them as borders anyway. But right now
        they're all separate images and I've found that I can save space 
        in my Tripod directory if I take all the Judy Garland pictures for
        instance and put em together, turning it into one image. Which I've
        done :) So now I'm off to do all the other ones. 

        I'm also working on a brand new page for the Song section. (You
        know...where I have all those profiles of my favorite singers,
        with real audio files and little reviews and relevant links (and 
        altered photos of the person in question which I use as a border)
        Well right now I'm encoding real audio samples of Abra Moore's 
        songs and am in the process of altering photos of her too. Just
        thought I'd let you know :D  

       MAY 7, 1998

        Crosswinds (the place I store the real audio files I make) is working
        again! So you can download the audio files on my site once more. This
        includes the Juliana Hatfield samples I encoded recently.

       MAY 6, 1998

        Made some more banners for my site. Can be found here.
        Also, I have a webring now, of my very own. Yaaaaay! Created graphics
        for it and the HTML code, and will link to the webring homepage soon
        so people can (hopefully) start joining it. 

       MAY 4, 1998

        Okay I learned that what I've added to my site is Javascript. haha. 
        My friend Teg mentioned that the yellow border I have on the left hand
        side of all my pages is a pretty big file and takes awhile to load up.
        So I made it a bit thinner/narrower/however you want to put it, and 
        reduced it's size that way. Yaaaay! I was actually thinking that it 
        was a bit too thick anyway so now I've killed two deadly tarantulas 
        with one stone. (Hey you don't think I'm gonna kill two sweet little
        innocent BIRDS do you?! I like singing "Bye Bye Birdie" but not in 
        *that* context! ;)

       MAY 2, 1998

        Oh boy where do I start? I learned something new, I believe it's a Java
        trick...Nope I don't know for sure. haha. But whatever it is it's all 
        over my site now ;) Let me describe it since I don't know it's technical
        term. Now, when you move your mouse over most of the links on my site, 
        you'll see a brief description of where the link leads, on the bottom
        toolbar of your screen. You know, where the url gets displayed normally.
        It took forever for me to go through everything and add the right HTML
        commands to every link. Whew. If anyone out there knows what the heck 
        I did...what it's called...feel free to tell me and laugh at me. I admit
        my ignorance :D

       MAY 1, 1998

        Added a banner in my Judy Garland section, linking to a new site called
        Sounds From Judy's Movies. Check it out.

        Tried to upload real audio files I encoded for my Juliana Hatfield page but
        I discovered the Crosswinds server where I store those large files is having 
        problems & I can't access anything. Hope this doesn't mean I'll lose everything
        I have stored over there. Ahh well I can always upload everything again I guess.
        Sigh. Sigh. Siiigh. Okay enough of my whining. I've got the Juliana files ready
        in any case so if you wanna check out that page to see what's coming up and 
        read my little comments on the songs, go ahead :) Oh by the way I'm sure you've
        figured out the implications of this but I'll say it anyhow. Until Crosswinds
        straightens itself out, you won't be able to download any of my real audio files.
        Sorry bout this.

       APRIL 27, 1998

        Updated some links that I found out werent working anymore, 
        either cause the urls changed, or the sites vanished completely.
        Added a new link to the Paula Cole page.

       APRIL 21, 1998

         Altered and uploaded photos for the Judy Garland page. At last!
         Now I just have to make real audio files. (Just! ha!)

       APRIL 20, 1998

         Finally some midis for you!

         Had to add a warning to my Music page. By accident I found out someone  
         linked directly to some of my real audio files from her own site. I would 
         never do this to someone without asking for their okay first & giving them
         credit for their work. And needless to say, I'm a wee bit angry. Would've
         been bad enough if she took the files and put them on her OWN server without 
         a word to me. But to just link directly to MY account. GRRRRRRRR. It slows 
         things down ...more traffic etc, and I find it incredibly rude.

       APRIL 5, 1998

         Added more photos to the Juliana Hatfield page. That should be enough now. 
         I've created some real audio files but haven't linked to them yet. Need to 
         encode more song snippets first.

       APRIL 4, 1998

         Added some new links on the Paula Cole and Juliana Hatfield pages.
         Also altered and uploaded a few photos for the Juliana page. 

       APRIL 2, 1998

         The Paula Cole page is complete. Real Audio files created, uploaded, linked to 
         and commented on by yours truly. Enjoy :)

       MARCH 24, 1998

         Added a few more links to my Bangles page. Courtesy of my dear cyber-bro David :)

         Redid my Lyrics page! No more endless scrolling in search of songs. I thought I'd 
         have to put each song lyric on a separate page (which I didn't want to do) but my
         friend Teg taught me the HTML code that lets me list all the songs at the top of 
         the page, which, when clicked on, will take people directly to that particular
         song. The thing is I get to keep all the lyrics on the same page, yet it's more 
         convenient for you all to access the one you want to see, without having to scroll
         and search blindly. Until now I didn't know how to link to things within the same 
         HTML document. Thanks again Teg!

       MARCH 23, 1998

         Took the links to friends' sites from the Links page and gave them their own
         separate page...(which can be accessed from the main Links page of course...just 
         click on the Sun's Pals graphic) Did this to lessen the scrolling. The Links 
         section was just getting much too crowded. Also I was worried that visitors might 
         assume all the links were to my friends' websites and not bother scrolling down 
         to see the other music-related links. Now the latter will be the first thing they 
         see. This new arrangement also gives me more room to add more of my friend's sites
         -- now that I have a page devoted exclusively to them and I don't have to worry 
         about endless scrolling. :)

         Played around with the Sun's Pals Links page. Added a few more friend's sites.
         Made a title graphic for the page too. Anything to avoid studying right? ;)

         Linked to the Artists Against Racism organization from my WebRings page. 
         Had to alter the purple ribbon a bit with my Paint program since it was  
         meant for a white background, not black. I love cyber-finger-painting ;)

         Created some banner thingys since I'm sure you all want to link to this site ;)
         Well if you do want to, you can use one of the graphics I made. Your choice
         of course. Truth is I decided to get reckless and create a probably useless 
         page because I have 5 marvelous megabytes now! I can afford to be extravagant. 
         Heehee. Anyway you can access the graphics from the Links pages or you could
         just click here.

       MARCH 19, 1998

         Finally...the Cyndi Lauper page has some photos up! It took me quite awhile to find 
         video clips of her that I could get pix from. I tried to touch these up so they'd 
         be less fuzzy, but if I find better shots I'll replace these. 
         Til then, it's better than nothing. :)

         While I was in a photo-altering-mood, I decided to sift through the hundreds of 
         pictures I've painstakingly acquired by going through music videos and concert
         footage, frame by frame, capturing fleeting expressions I've 
         lost my train of thought... ;) Aha! And I chose/enlarged/touched-up some of 
         the best of these for my Tori Amos page.

         Thought it was about time I added some sort of copyright thingamajig to the
         first page so I well as adding a link to this updates section from
         there in case people aren't finding my hidden links.
         Now I'm off to create a little banner thing inviting people to join my 
         Site-Seers Mailing List...I plan to put in on the Introduction Pages. :)

       MARCH 18, 1998

         The Lyrics page finally has some lyrics on it! A whole bunch as a matter of fact.
         I might change the format later cause, already, there's alot of scrolling involved. 
         Might be better to have all the songs on separate pages.  Anyway I decided to make
         my Lyrics page revolve around the sun ;)  In other words, only song lyrics with  
         a 'sunny' theme. (Or you know, that at least *mention* the sun in some context) 
         Hey you gotta have a gimmick right? :)
         Linked to my pal Amanda's site, Vixen's World She's a sweetie. 
         (yeah I'm still sucking up Vix ;)

       MARCH 17, 1998

         Added quite a few Real Audio files to the Cyndi Lauper page. 
         Now I just have to add photos. Sigh. Usually I put photos up first, 
         but this time the song snippets were ready first.

         My sweet cyber-bro David is starting a new page, with a distinctly musical focus
         so naturally I'm linking to him. Well I would have anyway but now I don't have to
         feel guilty about straying from the topic ;)

       MARCH 16, 1998

         Now have a mailing list! I'm sure you noticed it above ;) If you want to be 
         kept informed on changes to this site, please join my Site-Seers List and
         I'll let you know when I update things. :D

         Added many many more music-sites to my Links page. Including one of my friends'.
         Also, I'm officially part of some WebRings now so go to the page and take a SunSpin

       MARCH 15, 1998

         Added Leanne's Lair to the Links page.
         Also am in the process of joining some WebRings. You'll find some graphics on
         the WebRings page but they don't work yet. Hmm I'm wondering how many people 
         are finding this updates page! There's no obvious link to it...ahh well.

       MARCH 13, 1998

         Today I worked on my Links page ALOT. I changed the format. Hopefully it looks
         better this way. Also added quite a few links, including one to the RealNetworks 
         site so folks can get the RealPlayer if they don't already have it. It's very
         necessary for maximum enjoyment of my website ;) 

         Now I just need to join some WebRings and create a page for that....

       MARCH 11, 1998

         The Lesley Gore page now has Real Audio files for your listening pleasure. :)   
         Also added a few more pictures of Lesley while I was at it. In the process of
         selecting/touching up photos of Tori Amos, and yes Becky I'll get around to 
         encoding Real Audio files of Tori's songs soon :)  It will take awhile to 
         choose just the right segments to make samples the entire songs!

       MARCH 10, 1998

         Well I guess I should've started this updates-journal thing when I first began 
         working on this page huh? I suppose I'm a week behind then. Ahh well, I was too 
         busy *making* the darn thing to write about it! :)

         Now I can take some time to breathe...of course I still have alot to do. So many 
         real audio files to many photos to alter... so little time. 
         Today I added pictures to the Edie Brickell section and Real Audio files to the 
         Tanya Donelly section. Not finished with her yet though ...I plan to include some
         songs from her days with the band "Belly". Right now you can hear a few of my faves
         from her first album as a solo artist.

         I also worked on the Links's now full of links to music-related websites
         including a couple belonging to friends of mine.  

         I know a few of you are waiting with bated breath for me to fill up the Judy 
         Garland section.  Just hang in there. Like I said, it's gonna take longer to
         complete cause it's so important to me that I do it right. 
         Wish I had some movie files of Judy that I could capture pictures from. Looks 
         like I'll have to choose some pix from the many I've downloaded off the Internet. 
         Of course I'll alter them somewhat, resizing and cropping and color-tinting them. 

         Oh my mission with this particular page: to let you know what updates have been 
         made so you don't have to search around exploring every single link, on the prowl 
         for changes (doubt anyone would do that anyway!) Also I wanted to give myself a 
         sort of a forum to just blab about my ideas/plans for this page. That way I won't
         have to torture individual, long-suffering friends anymore ;)  


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