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The Song Spinner's Webring

More Criteria And Rules
   1. I won't support racist, sexist, or pornographic sites by letting 
      them into my webring. And if I find that kind of material later 
      on you'll be removed. (Yes I'll be visiting the sites in my ring
      often. Not *just* to play watchdog I hope. I expect I'll truly
      enjoy the sites themselves)

   2. Please don't link directly to files on other people's sites
      unless you have their permission and/or have given them credit.

   3. No Spice Girls please. I've decided to let my personal musical 
      preferences influence me, when it comes to letting sites in my
      ring. Maybe it's not fair, but it is my ring and I have a right
      to make some rules. I don't consider bands like the Spice Girls
      to be musicians...In fact I don't think they're really about 
      *music* at all.

   4. I want this webring to contain sites with a substantial amount 
      of musical content. Of course you're "allowed" to have other 
      things on your homepage, but you get the idea. A list of links 
      to favorite musical-sites is not enough.

   5. I'll be inviting sites to join my ring...I like that method 'cause
      it means the only person potentially being rejected, is me ;) Of
      course anyone who happens to stumble across this page can submit 
      their site, without an invitation. I do have pretty high standards
      though, be warned. Hope I don't hurt too many feelings!

   6. After submitting your site to the Queue, you have a week to place
      the code on your page, before being automatically removed from the
      Queue. If that happens you'll get an email about it letting you 
      know that the Site ID number you were given is no longer valid. 
      Of course you can always submit your site again but why not save 
      yourself the extra work? :)

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