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Pretty Deep

A Site For Sore Ears: Tanya Donelly

Pretty Deep   142KB   First single from her first solo album Lovesongs For Underdogs.
The Bright Light 157KB Exhilarating. Buy the album! Or the single! (shining bright light in your eyes until you crack under pressure)
Mysteries Of The Unexplained 229KB Ditto (for once I'm speechless haha. How can I describe Tanya Donelly's music? It's a mystery best left unexplained I guess. ;)
Breathe Around You 137KB Pretty different from the rest of the album in my opinion. More sultry vocal style.
Clipped 133KB Oh I love this song. Makes me feel like I'm flying. (Not just cause of the bird metaphors ;)
Clipped (finale) 265KB Yup I like this song so much I included another clip...Another clip from Clipped? (groan) If you liked the first sample above you might want to download this slightly longer one. Better yet, why not buy the album huh? :)

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