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No Cheap Thrill

A Site For Sore Ears: Suzanne Vega

Tom's Diner   262KB   From Solitude Standing. Recently I saw the music video for this song and it seemed so familiar. I figure I heard it on the radio when I was just a wee tyke and it stayed buried in my subconscious. I dare you to get the tune out of _your_ head! ;)
Luka 144KB Once I knew someone who didn't realize what this song was about. He didn't pay attention to the lyrics. All he heard was the incredibly catchy melody. (He never really looked beyond the surface of _anything_ come to think of it) If you're into moving lyrics with serious messages, or catchy music, or both, listen to this.
Stay Awake 227KB Somewhat rare I believe. Originally sung by Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins". This 1988 version is from, "Stay Awake - Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films" (what a mouthful!) It's a lovely lullabye sung a cappella, and fairly short, so it's all here.
Story of Isaac 204KB Suzanne's cover of Leonard Cohen's song. From the album Tower of Song
No Cheap Thrill 142KB Probably my favorite song from the album, Nine Objects of Desire Not only catchy music but double-entendre-filled lyrics as well.
World Before Columbus 189KB My second favorite from the same album. A slower ballad-type song. Only much more original than most love songs.

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