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W.h.a.t. Cowboys

A Site For Sore Ears: Paula Cole
Bethlehem 175KB Living in a small town, surrounded by small minds.
Happy Home 123KB "Everybody could feel the suffocation underneath the facade of a happy home" Made me think of my mom.
I Am So Ordinary 213KB It hurts to know this happens. From debut, Harbinger.
Tiger 179KB "I've left the girl I was supposed to be". Boy can I identify with that line. What it says to me is, it's time to let my tiger out. To be more brave and outspoken, and less shy and timid. I think it's about someone who is finally standing up for herself. Becoming her true self, rather than trying to fulfill others' expectations. And that's the kind of girl *I* want to be.
Where Have All The Cowboys Gone 86KB My introduction to Paula. On first listen, I remember her singing made me think of Sarah McLachlan. Slight similarity. Interesting that I later learned Sarah admired her and wanted Paula to open for her on tour, and how this ultimately led to Lilith Fair. Anyway back to the song itself. We all know it was a hit. I like the feminist message. Believe me she's being sarcastic when she sings, "I will raise the children if you pay all the bills"
Throwing Stones 120KB Angry and painful. Like far too many relationships.
Road To Dead 131KB Hard to describe. Surprised me cause it seems different from the rest of the album. Intense vocals.
Me 197KB Ahh, one of my favorites from This Fire, because of the lyrics, though I love the melody too. "It's me who is my enemy. Me who beats me up - And it's me who's too shy to ask for the thing I love...but I love" That's *me*.

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