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Lesley Gore

A Site For Sore Ears: Lesley Gore

It's My Party   278KB   Her first big hit. I like it, but I've heard it on the radio so much that I tend to be more interested in the lesser known songs. (Less known to *me* but most hit the top of the charts when they originally came out.)
She's A Fool 266KB Here's a song that was new to me. However, it's one of those songs that I felt like I must've known forever. Insanely catchy music, with delightfully catty lyrics. Trust me it's a fun song. You'll be clapping along with it. Don't even try to resist!
You Don't Own Me 305KB One of my favorites! The message isn't at all dated. Lesley fought hard to be able to record this song, to sort of balance out some of the fluffier ones she was required to do as part of her contract. Apart from the wonderful assertive (and bold & daring at the time) lyrics, listen to the expression in, and power of her voice here.
Look Of Love 265KB Love lost. And the pain of watching the one you love with someone new. Hey it may seem trite but can you honestly say it hasn't happened to you? ;) Don't worry, it's not *that* depressing. The music is far too infectious. :)
Sunshine Lollipops And Rainbows 203KB A long-time favorite. My theme song in fact. ;) Pure exhilarating joy. "Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way" That's how I feel when I hear it. Corny as it may seem. If this song doesn't energize you, fill you with optimism & lift your spirits, or at least make you *smile* ..then.. get back in your coffin ;)
What Am I Gonna Do With You 394KB Ever been in love with an unreliable unfaithful jerk? Ever had trouble ending the relationship despite that? Although I can't identify with the latter, I can still enjoy the song and sympathize with the situation. It's not as aggravating as "Maybe I Know (That He's Been Cheatin')" or "That's The Way Boys Are", neither of which I can listen to without getting exasperated beyond belief. (Which is why I haven't included them here, catchy as they are.)

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