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Juliana Hatfield

A Site For Sore Ears: Juliana Hatfield
Cesspool 128KB From her days with the Blake Babies. Love the environmental message & blending of anger with a touch of humor. Not to mention the catchy music. Great song from Earwig.  
Out There 166KB A favorite from Sunburn. Infectious music, meaningful lyrics; I can relate to the frustration & longing. Trying to figure out what to do with your life... ("There's nothing to do It's so hard to talk to you & people never do what they want to. I don't know what & I don't know where but I know it's out there It must be out there somewhere. Gonna leave this place. Gonna leave this life - a waste. Gonna put on a new face")
Forever Baby 199KB "I hold him like a loaded gun. I know he might go off with anyone." You gotta love lines like that! Clever and catchy. Like all of Hey Babe
Universal Heartbeat 172KB "A heart that hurts is a heart that works" A hit from the album Only Everything
Dying Proof 166KB You may say it's preachy but I'm sure many feel this way - watching a loved one self-destruct.
Live On Tomorrow 128KB "Lock me in the basement without anything to eat. You may hurt my body, but you can't hurt me" Strong, rather violent lyrics combined with a gentle, beautiful melody. Also from Only Everything.
As If Your Life Depended On It 136KB My fave song from the EP Please Do Not Disturb Perceptive, honest lyrics. Also love the melody & overlapping vocals in the chorus.
Give Me Some Of That 146KB In her own words: "a song of pure envy & longing and frustration. Not attractive but real." Hard-edged music kind of surprised me but it fits & I like it
Get Off 104KB Juliana said it was aimed at journalists but "became something about clingy types projecting their needs onto unwilling participants in the game of love"
  The Edge Of Nowhere 142KB Her words again: "Formulated while watching a sunset.. Relating the sun setting over the water to a depression/ contemplating the end of it all"

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