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A Site For Sore Ears: Cyndi Lauper
Change Of Heart 112KB Possibly the first Cyndi song I heard. I'm positive it was her first music video I saw on tv. I was 12 years old. It was a turning point in my life. Actually I don't remember the video itself that clearly, just the fact that I saw it. I think she was dancing around a fountain at some point. Hmmm This'll keep me up tonight. Enough maudlin memories - You want to know what the song's like. Catchy! From True Colors.
True Colors 217KB A favorite from the True Colors album. You might've heard it taken far too literally in a camera commercial (Kodak?) Blasphemy! Materialism triumphs over spiritualism once again. No I'm not bitter. Anyway I find this song inspirational and moving. *You* might find it hokey and sentimental. If you say so, *I* might have to snap at you. (And I don't mean with a camera ;)
I Drove All Night 220KB I didn't even know who sang this at first. When I eventually found out, I was able to recognize her and slapped myself for being so silly, but at first I had no idea. And I really wanted to know because of the incredibly powerful voice. She doesn't sound as... girlish, I guess. Makes sense; it wouldn't have suited the adult subject matter ;) In any case I admire her versatility.
Lies KB Coming Soon (would I lie to you? ;)
Like I Used To KB Coming soon: A less known gem from Hat Full Of Stars. My favorite from that album. Because of it's assertive won't-take-your-crap-anymore message. And because of the "shoop shoops" ;)
That's What I Think 167KB Love how Cyndi experiments with different styles of music. Always surprises me. This song mixes the conventional "I love you" with some deeper social commentary. Don't let that scare you away now. From Hat Full of Stars.
Hot Gets A Little Cold KB Coming soon. (Yeah when Hel- um...when a *Hot* Place Freezes over ;) From her recent album Sisters of Avalon.
Sisters of Avalon 79KB You *will* dance and chant along. Don't resist.
Unhook the Stars 171KB Beautiful ballad.
You Don't Know 179KB One of the best from Sisters of Avalon.

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