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Abra Moore

A Site For Sore Ears: Abra Moore

Don't Feel Like Cryin 188 KB A favorite! The lyrics make me feel optimistic and the music makes me feel like dancing. Ideal for when you feel like crying.
Four Leaf Clover 148 KB My intro to Abra. I bought Strangest Places 'cause of this song, and found the rest of the album just as good.
Happiness 166 KB Sweet, gentle ballad. Abra can do her jazzy-swing thing, and she can croon too. The lyrics are vague enough that anyone can relate it to their own particular unhappiness.
Never Believe You Now 168 KB No insightful comment from me. Song speaks for itself so just listen.
Say It Like That 254 KB Speaking of jazzy-swing.. "Say all the things that you never could, say how you're plannin' to steal my heart away". I like how she enunciates "my heart away". Almost sounds like "my hollywood", which would've rhymed with "never could". Yes I'm nuts. Anyway this song's full of hooks.
Your Faithful Friend 188 KB Sweet and soothing. Almost hypnotic.

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