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Whats new? Updates here
Whats new? Updates here

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My Friends' Sites

Crispy Corner
Okay so this isn't a friend's site, it's mine. I admit it! :) And it's only first here cause I'm arranging these sites alphabetically. Honest! Anyway this is my central personal homepage. A place where I can link to all my other web-work, my favorite book/music/movie-related sites, etc. So if you like what I've done here and want to see more of my stuff, or learn a bit about me, please visit my little corner :)
Erica's Attic
What a sweetheart she is. Eri's my cyber-big-sister so check out her new home on the Web. Some great creative writing here, and a phabulous photo :D
Flame's Inferno
Ruth has some of her favorite song lyrics on this homepage, so in my opinion she qualifies for inclusion here ;) Who am I kidding? I'll snatch any excuse to include a friends' page here even if it's focus isn't strictly on music. Fact is, if you've got a midi playing in the background and you're my friend, you're eligible. Aren't I a sweetheart? :) Anyway the Inferno's full of interesting things to read so leap "Into The Fire"! ;)
Happiest Homepage on Earth
My pal David has another page! And, like Leanne, he already has more on this one, than on his first homepage. Course I shouldn't talk since I did the exact same thing! You guys remember CrispyGumm's Slum right? With it's _one_ lonely poem? The page that hasn't changed in months? Must run in the cyber-family ;) Anyway David's site will be full of his favorite things & since many of those revolve around music...need I say more? Looks like David will pay tribute to Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Madonna,(Only cause you're my cyber-bro David! Catch me linking to Madonna otherwise Ha!) Marilyn Monroe & Disneyland. (ooh Disney. You're forgiven now ;)
Leanne's Lair
Leanne, my cyber-sis finally caved in to pressure and started this new page. Includes an online journal and, among other things, Judy Garland's going to feature fairly prominently; and that's all I need to know right now since, hey, there's a musical connection right there. So I can include her here with a clear conscience :)
Neko's Den
My buddy Becky (a.k.a. Neko) originally conceived this page to be a guide to Anime Sheet Music. And she's finally gotten around to putting some up ;) There are other things here as well. You can have your dreams interpreted for one. And this page does *so* fit in with the musical theme of these links! Becky's a musician. So there :)
Pandora's Aquarium
Visit my cyber-sister Sienna. I'm in awe over her graphic designing. Keep going back cause it keeps changing! The Aquarium has a prominent Tori Amos section, amazing creative writing, and you can read stuff about her in general (Which I find fascinating -- to read people's thoughts on various topics -- especially when they agree with my own ;)
Tribute to Regine Velasquez
My pal Teg (a.k.a Mr. Modesty ;) has created a gorgeous tribute to this singer. He's got a great sense of design. In fact Teg's a creative genius. Teg's also a tomato now. Aren't you Teggy? ;) Seriously, if you want helpful HTML-tips etc, go here.
Vixen's World
Visit Vixen (Amanda) my fellow Jeff Goldblum fanatic (we're in the same cult) (She runs a Jeff mailing list and the best Jeff Page in the world (wide web) She's into the Monkees too (oh look! Musical requirement fulfilled! ;) There are links to all this and more on her personal page so be off with you :)
VOID Records - Official Website
Want to hear some very original unusual music? Sure ya do! My cyber-brother Lee has his own indie-record label and here's the site for it. Lotsa spiffy song samples and bios of the artists on the roster. And of course info on how to order the music :) Many musical links here as well, including more of Lee's projects like his tribute page to Deborah Gibson.
VOID Records

Tiger Burning Bright

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Pandoras Aquarium

Ripping Time

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