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Crispy Corner Ok so this isn't a friend's site, it's mine. I admit it! And it's only first here cause I'm arranging these alphabetically. Honest! ;) Anyway this is my central personal homepage. A place where I can link to all my web-work, my favorite book/music/movie related sites, etc. So come see my corner of the web :)
The Deborah Gibson Mini-Shrine My love Lee's groovy tribute to the singer includes well-written, entertaining reviews, lots of album samples, and hard to find songs. You don't need to be a huge fan to enjoy your visit :)
Erica's Attic Eri's my cyber-big-sister so check out her home on the Web (built by yours truly :) Contains creative writing and links.
JEM's Starlight Jukebox This place brings back a flood of memories! You can hear every single catchy song from the 80's cartoon. Fudge has collected and turned them into real audio files. Also check out the original remixes, karaoke and wallpaper. One of my favorite sites! :)
Leanne's Lair My cyber-sis finally caved in to pressure and started this new page. Includes an online journal and, JudyGarland's going to feature fairly prominently; and that's all I need to know right now since, hey, there's a musical connection right there. So I can include Miss Haire's Lair here with a clear conscience.
Pandora's Aquarium Visit my cyber-twin Sienna. I'm in awe over her graphic design. Keep going back 'cause it keeps changing! Terrific Tori Amos section, creative writing, an online journal, and stuff about her in general (I find it fascinating to read people's thoughts on various topics - especially when they agree with my own ;)
The Popcans My terrifically talented love's listed at, so I highly recommend heading over there to learn about and listen to his Popcans project :) He's a wonderful musician, singer and composer. And the songs are free to download, so go on! :)
Tribute To Regine Velasquez My pal Teg has created a gorgeous tribute to this singer. He's got a great sense of design. For HTML-tips, and more, go here.
Vixen's World Visit Vixen (Amanda) my fellow Jeff Goldblum fanatic (we're in the same cult) She runs a Jeff mailing list and the best Jeff Page in the world (wide web) She's into the Monkees too (oh look! Musical requirement fulfilled! ;) There are links to all this and more on her personal page so be off with you!
VOID Records - Official Website Want to hear some incredible original music? My kindred spirit Lee has his own record label and here's the site for it. Lotsa spiffy song samples and bios of the artists on the roster. And of course, info on how to order the music :)

VOID Records

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