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THE GALL                                   Whats new?

  Which is why I'm using this place to showcase some favorites I've
  recorded from my cd collection. (Samples for the most part. Just
  enough to tantalize you ;) However there are a few entire songs 
  here if they're either especially rare or short enough that they
  won't be really huge files. Hopefully the law won't come down on 
  me too hard for this. I mean I did give credit to the singers, 
  composers and album labels, and I *am* doing this in part to win 
  over new fans & thus create more business for the people involved. 
  (whine, whine, beg, beg) Keep your toes crossed for me. 
  Now I know nobody wants to hang around my paltry page all day
  and night, waiting to download ONE song (and one song is all I'd
  have room for if it was in wav format) That's why I've created
  them as Real Audio files! With a nifty gadget called Real Encoder.
  Yup that means you'll need the RealPlayer to be able to hear them.
  It's a free program don't worry :)

  If you're not interested in this don't go away! There's bound to
  be other stuff here that I'm sure you'll like. (Bravado don't 
  desert me now ...or my visitors *will*! ;) Don't forget the midis
  and links to music sites and pictures of singers that you won't 
  see anywhere else! (at least, not in these *exact* incarnations ;)
  Gee I have alot of nerve rambling on and on like this.
  What an unnecessary, lengthy, self-indulgent introduction!
  Be at ease. Your patience is about to be rewarded.

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