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THE GAL                                     Whats new?

  I was born in a log cabin made of earth and wood, sister to a boy
  named Johnny B. Goode. And I taught him everything he knows about
  guitar, but does he give me *any* credit? Noooooo! 

  Ahem...Ok I'll be serious. I was born in a huge rainstorm. And 
  suddenly it struck me--like lightning (groan)--Is this why, when
  confronted with countless choices of beverages I inevitably select
  a glass of water every time?? "No thanks I'll just have a cup of
  water" is one of my famous sayings. (Okay so it's a boring saying.
  I'm still famous for it!) 

  You're wondering how the name, SunSinger, comes into play huh? 
  Well the rain stopped right after I was born. So says my mom. 
  Apparently I made the sun come out with my singing (ie: squalling 
  in a high-pitched way. Too bad my voice didn't stay soprano ;) 
  And thus SunSinger was born. No I'm not conceited. I don't think 
  the earth revolves around me or anything. Just the sun. ;)

  Another crucial key to my fascinating and complex personality... 
  I love entertainment! Music, movies, books. These aren't just 
  "hobbies" or interests. I literally could not imagine living 
  without them. Music in particular is as necessary to me as air.   

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