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Tiger Burning Bright

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  First time I heard Paula Cole was when I caught a snippet of the 
  music video for "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone". For some reason
  I was reminded of another singer I love, Sarah McLachlan. It was
  interesting to later learn that Sarah admired Paula, wanting her 
  as an opening act on tour, and how this ultimately led to Lilith
  Fair. Anyway the "Cowboys" song caught my attention but when I 
  finally bought her album, This Fire, I really became hooked and
  found I liked many other songs even better. 

  I identify with many of her lyrics, and even when I can't relate
  to the specific situations, I enjoy the music and am amazed by the
  versatility of her voice. I'm about to purchase her first album,
  Harbinger, and I'm sure I'll like it as well.

  I wanted to make an artistic sort of tribute to Paula Cole. I'm 
  focusing more on presentation than content here, though I did
  include my favorite song lyrics, quotes from interviews she gave,
  etc. I'm not trying to compete with more informative sites out 
  there that have up to the minute news flashes etc. I just wanted 
  to create a somewhat unique and artistic page for a unique artist :) 

  And when the title, Tiger Burning Bright, hit me, well I just
  had to use it! ;) Maybe this page will be a good introduction for
  new fans. Hopefully even die-hard fans will enjoy the look of it.


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